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of U.S. health care does not exist in Sweden. And for your information, the government is ... Hallén and a Gothenburg tram. Photo: Facebook/Shutterstock A Swedish teenager's post ...

Subhealth of Teenagers in China by Hubert Vocabulary ? wakefulness <n.>

: Be awake, cannot fall asleep;

? nervous <adj.>

: Stressful;

? dizzy <n.>

: (See the picture →) → Contents ? What is Subhealth ? Teenagers'

Subhealth in China ? The possible reasons of Teenagers'

Subhealth ? Solution (personal &

society) ? Conclusion &

Reference What is Subhealth ? Definition: It is a condition that is between illness and health. ? Feature: Often wakefulness, Easily perspiring, Often feeling bitter, Abnormal body temperature &

easily becoming tired, Seeing unclear &

often feeling dizzy, ...... What is Subhealth ? Negative effect of Subhealth: 1. 2. 3. 4. Becoming inefficient;

Lower sleeping quality;

Feeling nervous and becoming more careless;

Easier to become ill (all kinds of illness);

(such as: cold, stomach-ache;

even diabetes, cancer, heart desease, ect) 5. Death from overwork if it's too much work; Teenagers'

Subhealth in China ? In Guangzhou 2001: About 69.5% teenagers —— feel lots of pressure;

(the younger , the more pressure ) About 73.2% teenagers —— often sleep not well, feel tired or had a back pain. ? In Chongqing 2011: ——Survey from 1000 people (3~15 years old) Only 20% healthy in physical, mental and social health;

Almost 80% were subhealthy The possible reasons of Teenagers'

Subhealth ? Too much pressure from study before their university life ? Many university students spend too much time on staying inside Solution ? Solution: 1. "Sunshine sport activity"

(1h sport per day) 2. Cancel the exam of choosing Middle school 3. Change the system of university entrance Conclusion ? Subhealth causes many problems ? Teenagers'

Subhealth in China should be notice and changed ? The government have paying attention to Teenagers'

Subhealth, and Chinese are changing this situation Some References ? ? http:///magazine/article_182085.html ? http://.cn/html/201111/25/content_16_1.htm ? http://.cn/tylw/llyj/201010/15170.html ? http:///oa/darticle.aspx?type=view&id= 20130302 Questions ? Thank you !

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teenager can 24 with the only father she has ever known and that her biological parents ... Poor health with no sign of any identified disease, a condition known in China as "sub ...

A cross-sectional health survey of 1,473 randomly recruited Chinese Han adults of both sexes living in the central region of China. The criteria fordiagnosis of subhealth was defined ...

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Subhealth,of,Teenager,in,China,made in china,bank of china,made in china 中文